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Tuesday, April 27th, 2021

Tuesday’s Thoughts by J.T.

Tuesday’s Thoughts   by J.T.

Smoke Signals

My favorite holiday weekend is coming up this week. The NFL Draft is probably my FAVORITE weekend of the year. This week is also the week that you have to watch what you believe with all the “rumors” and smoke that is spewed out. Teams will say one thing, to try and set up another. Between GM’s, Owners, and in some cases agents there will be plenty of fluff, just need to choose what you believe. Rumors of the Steelers and Najee Harris may be true, but it won’t matter when the NY Jets take him at 23. Yinzer Nation may not like the names they hear this weekend, especially if it is offensive lineman. Which the team needs more than any other position…hands down.


Still a NO-NO

Diamondbacks pitcher Madison Bumgarner recently threw a 7 inning no hitter against the Atlanta Braves, and Major League Baseball is not considering it an “official” no-hitter, because it was not a 9-inning game. MLB stated that since this was part of a doubleheader in which both games were 7-inning games that it would not be official. MLB changed the rules on doubleheaders at the beginning of the year due to the pandemic, so to me it makes NO sense that Bumgarner would not get credit for a no-hitter in an official COMPLETE game. A no-hitter is a no-hitter! This game was a 7-inning game and it was not weather shortened. I can see not giving a pitcher a 5-inning rain shortened game, but this was a complete game (by MLB’s new rules) Bumgarner you got a no-hitter in my eyes.



Sidney Crosby is the best team leader we have ever seen in our lives, prove me wrong. In a day when social media and press coverage catch your every move, Crosby has been flawless. On the ice we have never seen a superstar such as Crosby work both sides of the ice in a relentless fashion. I grew up with Mario Lemieux and let me tell you something, Mario was no where near the COMPLETE player Sid is. You can research this all you want but find me a player who on the ice/field and off the ice/field has been this flawless in how he has played, or how he has acted. I dread the day we see Sid hang them up, he is one of a kind.




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