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Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

Tuesday’s Thoughts By J.T.

Tuesday’s Thoughts   by J.T.


Wait a Minshew

This past week the Philadelphia Eagles traded a 6th round pick to the Jacksonville Jaguars for quarterback Gardner Minshew. I commented on Twitter that I absolutely loved this move. I feel that before the end of the year is up, Gardner Minshew will be starting quarterback in Philly. I actually was hoping, IF Ben Roethlisberger retired and Dwayne Haskins never came around, that Pittsburgh would have looked at obtaining Minshew. Looks like our neighbors to the east beat us to it.


Bittersweet Wins


I am a huge Pirates fan, a fan who always looks at the glass half filled and gives them a chance. I know we are going through a total rebuild, and it makes me happy when I see Michael Chavis, or Yoshi Tsutsugo come through. This year in major league baseball we may see as many as 4- 100-loss teams in 2021. This would only be the third time in MLB history that happened (2002,2019) With Baltimore (90 losses), Arizona (89 losses), Texas (85 losses) and Pittsburgh (83 losses), the Pirates would draft 4th in 2022 if everything stayed the same. While I love watching Tsutsugo hit a walk off 3-run-homer to beat St. Louis, I also really enjoyed what the Pirates pulled off in 2021 picking from the 1st overall spot. I mean if you are going to lose 101 games and pick 4th, why not lose 110 and pick first? These wins are a bittersweet symphony….Now I know what The Verve was singing about.



As another former prospect has come and gone like a Pittsburgh spring, it is getting harder to accept our prospects from year to year. Gregory Polanco was supposed to be the man who would make the Pirates outfield one of the best in baseball. With Gregory, Marte and McCutchen the Pirates future was bright. Polanco started off very hot, in fact hitting a homerun in his first at-bat. Over the years Polanco seemed to deteriorate faster and faster. His fielding never lived up to expectations, he was lucky to hit the cut-off man his last season here at PNC. Polanco also finally got over the .200 mark (.208) From a prospect to a player who went through waivers twice, it is another sad end to a Pittsburgh Pirates prospect. Maybe he will get an invite to a Pedro Alvarez BBQ.

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