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Sunday, July 11th, 2021

Down on the Farm (7-11-21) by J.T.

Down on the Farm    by J.T.



The Pittsburgh Pirates can breathe a breath of fresh air as prospects Oneil Cruz and Roansy Contreras both are just suffering from forearm soreness, and do not have major arm problems. The talk of the past month has been Altoona’s first baseman Mason Martin who has brought his average up to .278 while hitting 16 homeruns, the most in the minors out of Pirates hitters.


Minor Leaguer of Week- 1B-Mason Martin- Altoona Curve


Bradenton Marauders (38-21) 2 GB

Bradenton has been the most consistent of the 4 minor league teams and has several talented prospects who are playing their way to a probable promotion.


DH-Blake Sabol (2019, Rd. 7)- .345 avg.

C- Endy Rodriguez (NYM-Musgove trade)- .269    7-HR  31-RBI

OF- Hudson Head (SD-Musgrove trade)- .212      8-HR    26-RBI

OF- Sammy Siani (2019, 37th overall)- .212    7-HR    31-RBI

2B- Jase Bowen (2019, Rd. 11)- .228    8-HR         29-RBI

SP- Santiago Florez (FA)-    5-2   1.37     71 K in 52.2 IP

SP- Eddy Yean (WSH-Bell Trade)- 5-1  4.71

SP- Jared Jones (2020, Rd. 2)- 1-0 3.18

SP- Adrian Florencio (FA)- 3-2     2.68



          Greensboro Grasshoppers (35-24) 3 GB

The Grasshoppers are back to full speed as #1 prospect Nick Gonzales is back from a minor injury. Greensboro has a bunch of top prospects as the Pirates organization is very prospect heavy down in Bradenton and Greensboro over Altoona and Indianapolis


OF-Matthew Fraizer (2019, Rd. 3)- .329 14-HR  37 RBI

1B- Aaron Shackelford (2019, Rd. 14)- .220 13-HR   36-RBI

SS- Liover Peguero (FA)- .261    6-HR    19-RBI

2B- Nick Gonzales (2020, Rd. 1)- .240 5-HR   11-RBI

SP- Quinn Priester (2019, Rd. 1)- 3-3   3.35

SP- Carmen Mlodzinski (2020, 31st overall)- 2-2 2.63

SP- Michael Burrows (2018, Rd. 11)-    2-2   2.30 62-K 43-IP


          Altoona Curve (31-26) 2.5 GB

Altoona had the big scare as Oneil Cruz and Roansy Contreras got sent back to Pittsburgh to get MRIs on their arms. The good news is that Cruz will miss 2-3 weeks and Contreras may miss a little longer. This is good news over what the news could have been. Also, IF- Rodolfo Castro has been recalled by the Pirates.

1B- Mason Martin (2017, Rd. 7) .278 16-HR 46-RBI

SS- Oneil Cruz (FA) .289   9-HR   29-RBI

OF- Cal Mitchell (2017, Rd. 2)- .288    9-HR  30-RBI

SP- Roansy Contreras (NYY- Taillon Trade) 3-1   2.35


          Indianapolis Indians (29-29   7.5 GB)

After losing Swaggerty the Indians do not have any of the top prospects playing for them. I am sure Will Craig will be up to Pittsburgh again. One name to keep an eye on is OF-Fabrico Macias a 23-year-old who has jumped from Bradenton-Greensboro to Indianapolis.


1B- Will Craig (2016, Rd. 1)- .287 8-HR  23-RBI

OF- Travis Swaggerty (2018, Rd. 1)- .220 3-HR (out for year)

SP- Beau Sulser (2017, Rd. 10)-   4-2     3.02

SP- James Marvel (2015, Rd. 36)- 3-2    4.15


Pirates Top 10 Prospects

(1)-2B- Nick Gonzales

(2)- SS- Oneil Cruz

(3)- SS- Liover Peguero

(4)-SP- Quinn Priester

(5)- SP-Roansy Contreras

(6)-C- Endy Rodriguez

(7)-SP-Carmen Mlodzinski

(8)-OF- Cal Mitchell

(9)- 1B-Mason Martin

(10)-Sp-Miguel Yajure

Just on the Outside

SP-Eddy Yean

OF-Travis Swaggerty- Out for year

OF- Sammy Siani

OF- Hunter Head

C- Henry Davis—-FIRST PICK in 2021

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