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Tuesday, June 29th, 2021

Tuesday’s Thoughts by J.T.

Tuesday’s Thoughts  by J.T.


Excitement to the Max

The Pirates just recently called up rookie starting pitcher Max Kranick to start a game in St.Louis. Kranick, who will turn 24 in July is not thought of as one of the top 10 Pittsburgh prospects, so hype was limited. Kranick, who grew up in Scranton, PA would shine in front of a section of his family and he would throw 5 perfect innings. A prolonged rain delay meant the Pirates had to shut him down for the day, but no one can take away Kranick’s first MLB win and 5 perfect innings. For one day in Pittsburgh, the Pirates were talked about in a positive light, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.



Frazier and Rich Rod

With the trade deadline getting closer and closer it is now looking as though 2B-Adam Frazier, and RP- Rich Rodriguez will be the two most likely to be dealt. Ben Cherington has no reason to shed salary so if no deal is reached it would not be the end of the world. Frazier, should be able to fetch a nice prospect or two from a team who could use a .330 hitting second baseman who fields his position well. Relief pitching at the deadline always seems to cost teams a little more, and Rodriguez could be a nice piece for an 8th or 9th inning pitcher. The one player I would love to see get dealt is Gregory Polanco. Polanco, who is by the far the highest paid Pirates has struggled to stay about .200 and has struggled with strikeouts all  year. Possibly a team out there thinks he still has a ceiling? Don’t expect much for him, but let’s get some new blood in the outfield. The one player we better not think of moving is Bryan Reynolds. Reynolds, has the capabilities to be a .300 hitter with 25 hr year in and year out. Cherington needs to fill out the lineup around Hayes and Reynolds in that 2-3 spot.



Draft Happy

As a fan of draft’s nothing makes me happier than what is coming up in July. First off, the NHL’s 32nd franchise the Seattle Kraken will have their expansion draft. I love watching teams get constructed and built and this should be a fun one to watch, as the bar has been set high by the Vegas Golden Knights. Two days after we watch the Kraken form, the NHL will have their rookie draft for two days. If the NHL didn’t get your draft blood boiling than the NBA has their rookie draft 5 days after the NHL draft is completed. I don’t know about you but I am excited for July!


July 17th– NHL expansion draft protection lists due

July 21st– Seattle Kraken expansion draft

July 23-24NHL rookie draft

July 29th– NBA rookie draft


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